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Central France Bourgoigne et le Loire 2010

Rotterdam  - Hamburg -Berlin 2009

St Malo - Dordogne - Loire - St Malo 2008

(a wet and failed tour)


Nemours to Narbonne 2007


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Latest news -- the website is full and I have to do a rethink on its layout and content. I am now starting a major reconstruction and the site will be a mess for a while.


Links will probably take you to wrong pages but hopefully I should have it sorted in a week!


I shall delete all journal except for 2010 and 2011 but I intend to set up a page which has a selection of photos taken from all the trips I have don over the years with a few very brief comments. 

I shall also reformat this first page


But it will take time and it is not the most important thing in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Updated :- 26 September 2011 

The website contains  accounts of my :--

1. Berlin to Hamburg -- via Denmark -- 2011

So I left home on the morning of 18 May and got back about lunch time on Thursday 15 June. A trip full of events and almost certainly the last "Unsupported Solo Cycle camping Tour" that I shall make. My tour was affected by incidents but the main problem was my constant worry about my health. So the journal is written but I am still working on it on here so it will be a few weeks before it is actually a finished story. I had a fairly dry tour  -- apart from one disastrous day on 8 June ( my 74th Birthday!). But the winds were fairly constant and often very fierce.

One thing I regret is, that this year, I took my Samsung Notebook with me. It weighed in, complete with chargers, at 1.8 kgs and I regretted it immensely. I normally have taken a real notebook with me and have scribbled comments throughout my days at odd times and it has always been a great memory prodder when I reread diaries from years ago. The electronic note book was heavy and I found that I only wrote up my journal every 2 or 3 days and it lost the spontaneity if an instant comment. Wouldn't do it again

2, Central France 2010

I left home on 21 May at crack of dawn and arrived in Beaune at about 0230 the next morning. As usual my plans formed over last winter rapidly changed and to be honest I was actually relieved to get back home on the evening of 25 June. It is now extremely likely that I shall not tour again in this way. Just getting too old and my health is deteriorating,

3. Rotterdam to Berlin 2009

An interesting trip for me 

 4.  2008. A  tour around Western and Central France (including the Dordogne and the Loire)

I am deleting all the journal now but the photos will remain for a while until I set up a new page of photos over the years.

5. Touring Pictures 2004 to 2008

This holds a small selection of pictures I have taken over the last several years with a few brief comments

2007  Tour journal - Nemours to  Narbonne  has now been deleted

2006  tour journal The Rhein and Mosel tour has now been deleted. I covered some 2353.4 kms from door to door

2005  tour journal, the Danube Tour has now been deleted 

2004 Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela   These photos and brief details have now been delete since my web site was full.


A few personal details

My name is Trevor Arthur Panther, born on 8 June 1937.  Which makes me 73 years old now. I am a type 2 diabetic and have a  heart murmur which gives me an occasional bit of pain but I am told by  the Cardiac Consultant that I should last another 20 years without further medical procedures if I keep biking! I am heavily retired and wondering where all the years have disappeared to!

I try and cycle about 20 kms every day but it generally works out to about 100  kms per week. I am not a fanatical cyclist but use it as a means to an end. In the last several years I have covered some 50000 kms 

It is getting to be a bit more of a struggle to keep cycling daily and winter 2010/2011 has been hard and I had nearly 3 months without any real cycling.

It has also been the end of an era. my 103 year old Dad died on 22 February after a short period of very rapid decline. He was still reasonably fit and mobile at Christmas  but after that the tumour that he had in his bladder ( and known about for some time) took control and in the last month it wasted him away.. I have had my ups and downs with dad over many years  for he was always of fairly fixed opinions and had strong ideas about fairness, but he was compost mentis until the last hours. Inevitably I miss him. it was surprising how much grief I encountered when every day for many year it was to be expected that dad would die. 

It was also inevitable that being involved in the daily care  it long ago stopped being done out of love and it also stretch that filial duty to breaking point. I was pleased that  those last few weeks i was able to find a re establishment of my love for him and  he accepted that things I did for him out of love. He found it stressful that his body was failing him and he was doubly incontinent and it made him  unhappy --  for his mind was active to the very last hours

After knowing him for some 73 years  and spending much time, these last 15 years, visiting him nearly daily  I suddenly find myself sitting at home wondering what to do on a morning.! It will take a little time to readjust my routines!. 

This short mention of my dad will be deleted after a couple of months but it is only proper that it is included here for a short time

I continue riding my Thorn Raven Tour with the Rohloff hub and am very happy with it. I have done over 19000 miles on it since buying it  November 2006. I find it a very smooth and comfortable ride but I have got it geared down for heavily laden touring where it performed totally trouble free on my tours  in 2007, 2008. 2009 and 2010. I have just had a new rim fitted on the rea wheel and new chain . and its annual oil change has been done too. -- All ready for 2011 tour !

Other Links. is a very good means of transport to areas covering France, Northern Spain, the Northern Mediterranean Coast  It is a good low cost way to take you to all sort of places on the continent. Sadly they have no longer any real routes that gets you anywhere near Germany or Italy -- that is a real loss.

Doing a Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela? Visit the Confraternity of St James for an immense amount of good information about a cycling pilgrimage.

Thorn Raven Tour.

It is a great touring bike and of the 3 recent bikes I have ridden it is by far the best.  Fitted with the Rohloff  14 speed, my version is geared down for heavy touring load but there are obviously various options that can be chosen. It has performed faultlessly for nearly 4 years now and I am extremely happy with it. It is low maintenance -- especially on tour  and I would not return to  a Derailleur configuration ever again.

I also found SJS Cycles very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I took the opportunity last year after getting back from Berlin ( and after my August "offing") to have my velo checked over and a couple of things adjusted and renewed. 

The only downside I find with it is that I expected the chain to have much less wear than with a derailleur but I have found that the stretch is so much that I have put a new chain on every year  I suspect that being subjected to fairly heavy loading has a detrimental effect!

I had had "butterfly" handlebars fitted from new ( although SJS Cycles didn't like the idea) and the configuration is comfortable riding normally with all controls to hand . The ability to move ones hands into different positions is a boon on a long days ride! I had Marathon+ tyres fitted from new and have only had one puncture since new -- and that was while wheeling across a field when a metal spike (a peg?) went through the wall of the tyre!

Here is a link to the Thorn Cycle site!


You can contact me HERE at any time